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Ghosts Of Silo City

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Ghosts Of Silo City

Ghosts Of Silo City

I have photographed on two occasion at the Silo City complex in Buffalo , NY.  It’s a large are with abandoned grain silos.  Giant structures with all sort of interesting things to photograph.  On my last trip another photographer and myself hired a couple of models and attempted to put the human figure into the landscape of these old building.  It was a lot of fun and I took a ton of good images but only felt these dreamy ones worked out.  Here is an image I call Ghosts Of Silo City.

Author: Kevin Raber

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One thought on “Ghosts Of Silo City

  1. In a world of obsessive blathering about sharpest lenses, in body stabilization, complaining about water color effect, blah blah blah… etc…Here you have gone and done exactly the opposite and took a blurry picture! . Excellent and beautiful use of motion blur Kevin, I like the concept & love the result. Bravo

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