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Doing It The Hard Way

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The Scottish Rites Cathedral, Indianapolis, IN

The Scottish Rites Cathedral, Indianapolis, IN

I grew up using view cameras and taking a long time to compose and shoot an image.  For a good part of my career I worked for Phase One a camera and digital back company making the best cameras in the world.  While at Phase One I shot many great photos and was patient doing my images.  It took a while to compose images and shoot with a Phase One system.  After leaving Phase One and joining Luminous-Landscape I have had the chance to shoot with almost every camera made.  I love the freedom the 11 frames per second and how fast I can see a shot and take it.  This past week I was shooting with the new Phase One 100 mega pixel that is on loan to me for a while.  I put the back on my ALPA technical camera system and went to shoot at two venues in Indianapolis.  I did this with friend and fellow photographer Chris Barrett from Chicago a notable interior and architectural photographer.  I had all these plans to shoot a number of different location but it just didn’t happen.  It took time to set up the shot and take it.  Some exposures were more than three minutes.  The image above was made at the Scottish Rites Cathedral in Indianapolis and took two hours to shoot plus some more work in post processing.  The detail in this image is amazing.  Hope you can at least enjoy it at the size above.

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