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Shadow Valley Motors

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Shadow Valley Motors in the Palouse

Shadow Valley Motors in the Palouse

As I have stated in previous posts, the Palouse offers many surprises.  This image was made at a place I have been going to for years.  It is known as Shadow Valley Motors and is a collection of old trucks, an old Texaco gas station and more.  These are arranged by a fellow that does this as a hobby.  Funny thing is he doesn’t have an iPhone, computer or even an email address and he says he never thought the place would be a must see for photographers on tours in the Palouse.  I have given him a pile of images I have made at his property over the years.  He’s a cool guy and has even more things he’ll be adding.  I plan to go back to the Palouse in the spring.  This summer’s harvest and my last visit wasn’t the best for pictures.  They have been suffering a terribly hot and dry summer which made them have to harvest the wheat a month early.

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