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Shooting With My Best Friend

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I consider myself one of the luckiest guys in the world.  I have been doing photography all my life and have had a great career doing it.  I have seen things, traveled to the most incredible locations and met some of the coolest people you’d ever want to know and meet.  I am also a lucky guy because back in February 2015 I married my best friend Debra in Antarctica.  She is a trooper and she loves photography too.  Wow, how lucky could one get.  She actually gets me, understand me and tolerates me with all my travels and everything photographic that I obsess about.  Yes, she is definitely the woman for me and she is a darn good photographer too.  She has an amazing eye and it’s fun to shoot with her because even though we are at the same locations we come back with totally different images.  Here is a shot of Debra shooting away at the Methodist Church in Gary, IN.

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