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Isle Of Skye


Isle Of Skye

Isle Of Skye

It has been a little while since I have made a post on my blog and I apologize.  I have been extremely busy on many projects.  Right now I am in Scotland at Isle Of Skye.  This is an amazing place. I am leading a photo workshop here with Steve Gosling and Joe Cornish.  We have great group of attendees and even though we have had to deal with the famous Isle Of Skye weather we have been capturing some amazing images like the one above.  Once I get back from this trip I’ll post more.  I’ll try to post another tomorrow.  This image I think almost looks Biblical.  Hope you enjoy it.  Made with a Phase One IQ160 digital back on an Alpa camera with 72mm lens.

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2 thoughts on “Isle Of Skye

  1. Kevin, do you have a gallery/portfolio or your Isle of Skye images available online somewhere? This image and the one which graces the front page of Luminous Landscape are simply breathtaking!

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