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One Of The Many Waterfalls Iceland Has To Offer

Iceland is a magical land with so much beauty, that as a photographer it’s hard not to take fantastic images.  There are mountains, valleys, seascapes, glaciers, icebergs and the list goes on.  What I like is waterfalls.  There are hundreds and they are a lot of fun to photograph.  There are waterfalls that will astound in you size and the amount of water flowing over them.  This waterfall is one I found driving around Iceland and I stop by it each and every time I’m there.  I have done panos here, had rain, snow and blue sky.  This image is one I like because it has what I call the Iceland Sky.  Gray and foreboding.  I shot this at a 10th of a second and with a Phase One 28mm lens.  Had to go to real low ISO as well as F/22 to get a slow enough shutter to blur the water.  Because of the curved element of the lens I couldn’t use a ND filter. I have shot this at longer shutter speeds where the water really blurs and higher where it is frozen.  This shutter speed is just right.

I am running a workshop in Iceland next June going places other photo workshops don’t go.  If you want a real treat and some incredible images join us.  I’ll be doing this workshop with Daniel Bergmann my friend and one of the best landscape photographers I know.  Check it out at The Rockhopper Workshops Page.


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