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Old Truck Headlight


Old Truck Headlight

Old Truck Headlight

In the Palouse as mentioned in previous posts there are a lot of abandoned trucks and cars, not to mention houses. This shot was made at the Texeco station where the owner collects old trucks.  I loves the color, rust and especially the lines of the headlight and truck.  So retro, so nice.  Shot with a Fuji XT-1.

Author: Kevin Raber

Photographer and publisher of

5 thoughts on “Old Truck Headlight

  1. Another keeper for the gallery Kevin

  2. Kevin – You’d love Old Car City! Photographers come from all over the world on a daily basis to shoot.

    Lovin’ you Palouse images!

    All the best, Tom

  3. Love the colors!

  4. The colors are fantastic. I like the look of old truck headlights – this is a great capture.

  5. Great image – the colors are perfect. I have been using the X-E2 for awhile now but not happy with the Lightroom raw processing – especially with small pattern foliage. Do you have a particular raw processor that you favor? Thanks.

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