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The Contraption

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Old Pump, Buffalo Water Works

Old Pump, Buffalo Water Works

I have been shooting up a storm in Buffalo, NY this past few days.  As you know from previous posts I love the urban decay, rust and such.  I was fortunate enough with some other photographers to be able to shoot in Buffalo’s Silo City.  This is a huge complex where grain from all over the country used to come in the early 20th century.  These building are immense and have been a great joy to photograph the last few days.  There will be more images posted in the coming days.  This shot though was done at the Buffalo Water Works where we also had an exclusive vista to photograph this place up close.  This is one of the 100 year old massive pumps.

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One thought on “The Contraption

  1. in reference to your present series of industrial relics which i am enjoying and are looking forward to others may i quote from brett weston: “The taint of age can be beautiful….Rust and weathering adds a patina of…well,i call it… elegant gorp”

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