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Trees In A Lake, Mexico

Trees In A Lake, Mexico

Somewhere deep in Mexico Michael Reichmann, Lars Svanstrom and myself wandered around for a few days this past week seeking out new and unusual locations that not too many gringos probably ever visit.  We think we hit pay dirt.  we are coming back with some magnificent images and we’re very excited about what we found.  It was a cultural adventure too.  We saw ow many people in the very rural areas live.  What was so amazing is how nice everyone was and how well they treated us.  Handshakes and smiles were the norm.  So for the next few days enjoy some of my images from Mexico.  This image was made along a lake from a high angle.  I loved the look, reflections and birds.



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  1. That is super sweet! Why thirst again? Think I’ll pick up roots.😉 Cheerz to your great shots here! Uncle Tree

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