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Lava Falls – Iceland

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Hravnfossor Lava Falls - Iceland, 2013

Hravnfossor Lava Falls – Iceland, 2013

Iceland is an amazing place to photograph.  On my last trip to Iceland in March of 2013 I did a lot of large landscape images and much of it was black and white and stitched images making large panos.  These were made with a Phase One IQ180 so I had 80 megapixel images to work with.  The detail is amazing in these images.  I call the images immersive imaging.  What this means at least in my way of thinking is that when I make big print they draw a viewer in.  Many times I hang these large 4×9 foot images and watch as someone starts looking at it from 10 feet away.  Then something catches their eye and the next thing you know they are a foot away from the images discovering detail like they haven’t seen before in a photograph.

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One thought on “Lava Falls – Iceland

  1. Is this Hraunfossar? Beautiful photo.

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