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Edge Of The Ice

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Polar Bear at the edge.  Arctic Circle

Polar Bear at the edge. Arctic Circle

I am now back in Svalbard, Norway after 10 days at sea. No internet, email or cell phones.  Lots of amazing things.  I traveled to latitude 82.34 degrees on the MV Quest exploring the Arctic.  I have come back with an amazing set of images and the above shot is the first of many  that will grace my blog.  One of the biggest experiences was going farther north in our ship than has ever been done before.  This is because the ice pack is shrinking.  You read all about it and yes when you are there you can see things are changing very rapidly.  This image today symbolizes a lot of what I see happening.  It’s putting the Polar Bear on the edge.  They have no connection to land as the ice pack has moved so far north.  Here is a bear literally at the edge of the ice pack.  I think it sums it up very well.  I’ll have more images over the coming days and weeks.

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