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Lonely Tree

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Lonely Tree, Clearview, Ontario

Lonely Tree, Clearview, Ontario

I just got back from a week in Canada. During this week I have been working hard with my business partner Michael Reichmann on our web site Luminous-Landscape.  We are planning all sorts of new and enhanced things for this site. It is one of the most heavily visited photography websites on the internet.  every day after we accomplished what we had on our agenda we rewarded ourselves by going out shooting. We would aim the car and just go and with no specific place in mind we would just find stuff. Always a lot of fun not only shooting but having a great conversation while seeing the countryside. While we were driving we both saw at the same time this one tree on the hill with these great clouds behind it. We stopped set up our gear and shot. We both have different interpretations of the shot. This is mine. Shot with a Nikon D800e and 80-400mm zoom lens. Tis was 5 exposures combined in HDG then converted to BW image.

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  1. Now this one is awesome!!!


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