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In Canada This Week

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Wet Grass In A Field, Cremore, Canada

Wet Grass In A Field, Cremore, Canada

I am in Canada this week working on my new business Doing a lot of planning and meetings to make sure we have all aspects under control moving forward. Lots of ideas to make a great site even better. Very exciting times. Michael Reichmann and I will work and in the afternoon go out shooting. You know how it is as a photographer. You got get out there and shoot. This picture was made in a field yesterday. It was right after a rain storm and I loved the way the drops of water clinged to the grass. I also thought B&W worked best for this image. Shot with a Nikon D800e and 24-70mm lens. Processed in Capture One and converted to BW while still a RAW.

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One thought on “In Canada This Week

  1. Kevin, I’m a big fan and long time reader of Michael’s site. Look forward to your input there.

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