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Fireworks In Carmel

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July 4th Carmel, Indiana

July 4th Carmel, Indiana

I have shot hundreds of fireworks shows and frankly I was getting kind of tired of the same old stuff. Then I started this project called Around Carmel and thought it would be cool to have the Perfroming Arts Center in the foreground of a picture with fireworks going off all over. A few phone calls later I found myself on the rooftop of the Tarkington building with one of the best locations in town to see the fireworks. It was a perfect place to shoot and I came out with a lot of good images. The one above is one of those.

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One thought on “Fireworks In Carmel

  1. Very well done. I usually don’t ask this type question, but can you comment on camera settings and if this is from several “bursts”? I think I know the technique for firework shots but have not been very successful.

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