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Scottish Sunrise

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Sunrise, Scotland

Sunrise, Scotland

Sorry, it has been a few days since my last post.  I strive to a post a day but sometimes regular life and work are moving too fast .  I am back on a more even keel and  don’t travel again for about a week.  Then I am off to Utah.  That should be a great trip.  This image I made in Scotland a few months back.  On the last morning in Scotland we drove by this location that for whole week was so fog shrouded you couldn’t see 20 feet.  then bam, the day was perfect, clear and still.  This was one of those magic moments photographers love.  I remember standing there as the sun came up, the shadows changed and just kept saying wow!

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One thought on “Scottish Sunrise

  1. Beautiful. Will be looking forward to more posts. I sat next to you at the David Stoclklein presentation last Sat and you gave me your card. My good fortune.

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