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Back From China With Something To Show

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Two Happy Boys, Village in Hani, China

Two Happy Boys, Village in Hani, China

I have been gone for about two weeks.  Had some business in Bangkok and then was a leader of a PODAS workshop in souther China.  The area of China we visited is a very interesting area for sure.  I have a lot of stories to tell.  This image was made while visiting a typical Hani Village.  It was located on top of a large mountain completely cloud covered.  We spent a few hours walking through tis village and were photographing the people and homes.  Quite a lovely place and good glimpse into how some people still live today.  I had a group of 20 Chinese photographers with me and we were busy shooting two girls sharing some food in front of their house.  Off to the side I saw two boys playing and trying to get our attention.  I broke off and went to shoot the boys and they hammed it up and were having all sorts of fun.  Then all of a sudden one of the boys grabbed his brother and gave him a great big kiss. And, BINGO there it was.  A fleeting innocent happy moment.

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