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Off To Copenhagen

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The Round Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark

I am off to Copenhagen today through JFK.  I have a busy week doing a number of different things while in Denmark,   I will be prepping the launch for the 2013 PODAS workshop series as well as meeting with internal depts. and some special customers.  Should have some cool shots of Copenhagen to share along the way.  This image was made in the Round Tower.  A cool place to visit.  Back in the old days the King made this so he could drive his carriage to the highest point in Copenhagen and view his kingdom.  I have walked up this path to the top and all I can say is poor horse.  I do love the light and how it plays with the walls and arches.

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One thought on “Off To Copenhagen

  1. I love the photo! we’re heading to Copenhagen in a couple of weeks – will have to visit the Round Tower now! Thanks!

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