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Masonic Temple, Main Hall, Indy


Masonic Temple, Main Hall, Indianapolis

The Masons have a very mysterious reputation with stories and legends to amaze all of us.  The Masonic Temple in Indianapolis is just one of those mysterious place.  the building is grand and the main hall is grand.   But, there is a whole huge building across the parking lot with only one door in and no windows.  I really want to go in there and see what it is, but you need to be some special member for that.  The legend continues.  This was 5 Phase One P65+ images stitched together.

Author: Kevin Raber

Photographer and publisher of

2 thoughts on “Masonic Temple, Main Hall, Indy

  1. The photograph displayed is of the theater in the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral located at 650 N. Illinois St. The Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry, which means you have to be a Freemason to join the organization. The building is open to the public for tours on weekdays. The building facilities are all available for rent including a dining room that seats approximately 600, a ballroom that seats around 350, as well as smaller rooms for more intimate gatherings. The building hosts several hundred weddings, corporate events, and banquets. A couple of the more high profile events that have taken place in the building in recent years are the 2012 NFL Alumni Banquet held the Friday night before the Super Bowl and a Taylor Swift video filmed in the South Lounge. The building was once listed among the top ten most beautiful buildings in the United States. This is not the Main Hall of Freemasonry in Indianapolis.

    The other building that you referred to across the street is Indiana Freemasons’ Hall located at 525 N. Illinois St. It is the home of the Grand Lodge of Indiana, seven Masonic lodges, and several other Masonic organizations. The building also houses the Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana. This building also has rental facilities including a 600-seat auditorium and a banquet hall that seats 250. Anyone, Freemason or not, who wishes to tour the building can do so by calling 317-828-7611 and making an appointment. Within a few months, the Library/Museum should have regular visiting hours and regularly scheduled tours of the building.

  2. One correction to the above. The Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral is located at 650 N. Meridian St.

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