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I Just Needed To Shoot This

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Flower On A Cafe Table in Iceland

I have been up since 2:30 AM in Iceland, because there is always light and we were going to shoot some early morning light photos. Who were we fooling?  We drive all over this Peninsula, it is pouring down rain and the winds are blowing 50 plus MPH.  Quite a day.  Now I am like a junkie I need my fix, I need to shoot something.  We stop at a small hotel with a cafe and the owner brews us some of the finest coffee there is.  Sitting at the table overlooking the ocean with giant waves and things that fly by the window once in a while I get more depressed as it looks like I might not shoot anything all day.  Then I see a flower on my table.  I say oh yeah…and I get my iPhone out.  switch it on to Hipstamatic, switch to a BW setting I like and shoot 6 pictures of this flower.  Ahhhh, I feel better now and I actually had a photo I liked.  So, there is always a way to get a fix, you just sometimes need to see what is front of you.

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