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Cool Scooter

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Scooter In Antique Store

A few weeks ago I enjoyed one of my outing with companion photographer Debra.  We try once a month to take a Sunday and go somewhere and just shoot pictures of what we find.  We come across abandoned buildings, funky stores and all sorts of other interesting things.  This shot was in a very cool antique store in a town we never heard of.  They had all sorts of cool stuff in a eerie of stores.  We spent nearly two hours there shooting.  I have published a shot previously of a bank safe hinge shot in one of the stores.  This is a cool scooter type bike on a shelf. I have a bunch more you’ll see soon.

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One thought on “Cool Scooter

  1. wow. that turned out great. the detail and color are fantastic. love the light coming across it….

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