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Truck In A Barn


Truck in a barn, Palouse, WA

One of my favorites spots in the US to shoot is an area called the Palouse.  It’s Located in SE Washington and consists for rolling farmland.  Yeah, I know farm land, sure how can that be so great?  The area is surreal, beautiful old barns, immense skies and all sorts of surprises.  The season in late May to early June is planting time.  This si where the fields are being plowed and planted.  The landscape if dynamic.  Then in late August the harvest takes place and it even more dramatic.  You can use the cloud tags below and click on Palouse to see more images.  This shot is of an old truck found in a barn there.  Abandoned near as I can tell in the late 1940’s.  Pristine condition, no vandalism and just waiting to be photographed.  From the ton of images I did there this one kind of tells the overall story.

Author: Kevin Raber

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2 thoughts on “Truck In A Barn

  1. Great shot and I especially love the truck. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This photograph is one of my all time favorites!
    It evokes a sense of peaceful contentment of an afternoon spent puttering around in the old barn.
    Yet, as beautiful as this scene is, I would love to find this wonderful old truck and free her from her life of neglect. A beauty such as she should be out and about where she can be appreciated by all who gaze upon her!
    It really is a lovely photograph.

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