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Mt. McKinley A Magnificent Sight

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Mt. McKinley, Denali National PArk

There a re a few mountain peaks that grab big attention.  Peaks that you can see from far away.  Peaks that you are driving hours to get to you can see and it seems you are not getting any closer.  In Denali National Park there is a peak that hides itself behind clouds much of the time.  A few years ago while visiting one of my sons stationed at Fort Richardson and teaching  workshop I was able to get this shot.  Sunset at Denali.  I have a lot of other images from Denali too.  Grizzlies, a Lynx, mountain goes.  The place is a photographer paradise.

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One thought on “Mt. McKinley A Magnificent Sight

  1. I love the composition of this photograph. Just beautiful!

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