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Zion Offers So Much

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Zion National PArk

Zion National Park, a short drive (sort of) from LasVegas is such a wonderful place to visit.  I usually go in the fall, winter and spring.  At these times you can drive in the park.  During the summer you must take a bus.  There are many good walk and vistas.  One part of the park is a valley with large canyon walls and very pretty and another part is carved sandstone and almost desert like.  A must see trip.  This image was made right after you go through the tunnel from the valley part.  Park the car and take a hike.  Lots of great shots like this are available.

Author: Kevin Raber

Photographer and publisher of

One thought on “Zion Offers So Much

  1. so beautiful…i love the floaty clouds..

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