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A Different View


New York City, Apple Store

There is no hiding it, I am an Apple fan.  I love their products, have Apple stock (bought a number of years ago YES!), and I love their stores.  It’s an amazing sight to see when visiting a mall or other location and to see an Apple Store.  There are always a crowd of people in these stores.  There are no cash registers, You can touch and play with any product you like and there are some real helpful people to answer questions.  What is really great though is the bold architecture, especially at their super stores.  the design is gorgeous with lots of glass and chrome.  This shot was done at the New York store looking up under the glass staircase into the glass cube.  The color shot os nice but for some reason I thought this B&W shot works best.

Author: Kevin Raber

Photographer and publisher of

2 thoughts on “A Different View

  1. Beautiful shot! I have to admit that I am more of an Android fan but we still have tons of Apple products and you are right that there is nothing like walking into an Apple store. One wishes you could get that kind of service everywhere else!

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