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Making It Look Different


Chicago Pigeons - Sketcher

One of the things photographers are doing  lot of these days is taking normal pictures and using apps on their iPhones and iPads making them look different.  I will admit I am guilty of this too, but I believe an image needs to be able to work without a lot of special effects and textures and so forth.  Granted there is an occasional image that works well but a good image with good subject, and composition will always win out.  Plus after a while all of this fancy effects becomes contrived and overused.  Today though I am showing an image that I ran through a new app on my MAC.  It was 99 cents and it is called Photo Sketcher and it does some cool stuff.  Above is the page from it and below is the original.  The original is  stung in its own right but the sketcher one works well too.  What do you think?

Author: Kevin Raber

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2 thoughts on “Making It Look Different

  1. I enjoy doing the exact same thing!

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