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Palouse Patterns

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Palouse Patterns

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!  I love to celebrate another year of life and living my passion and dream.

I have been accumulating a lot of images these last few months.  I have enough to get me through nearly a half year of blogging.  I am about to start researching and redesign of my web site.  Looking at a few different options.  Either way I am going to also start to play with 500px so expect to hear more on that soon.

Todays shot was made while flying over the Palouse.  This area is amazing on the ground and even takes on a whole new feel from above.  Patterns are everywhere and like many landscapes I like to shoot it is dynamic and chaining.  This pattern is not there anymore, most likely plowed under within a few days of taking this image.  Truly something photographed and remembered only with this image.  How cool is that?


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