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Some More New Zealand Water and Trees

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River, Rees Valley, New Zealand

I moved my New Zealand images over to my main work station yesterday and there is over 80 gigs of images.  Not hard to make this size file when you shoot with a Phase One IQ180 camera.  So now the editing begins and then the post on each image.  There are so many good ones.  So I think through the rest of the year I’ll plenty to share.  I have a ton of other images I haven’t posted here from Death Valley, Moab and other places.  So, there is not a lack of content.  Todays image was also shot in the Rees Valley of New Zealand.  We were driving up this dirt road that they call tracks in New Zealand and came across this river or very large stream.  Lots of rapids and mountains and greenish water.  So we all stopped and did pictures.  This is one of the images I made.  Like the vertical and horizontal movements happening as well as the rooks and tree.  Enjoy.

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