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New Zealand Waterfall

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Waterfall, Rees Valley, New Zealand

Hi, I am back to regular postings again.  after enduring 34 hours of travel time to get back from Australia and throwing in another 6 hours for the trip from New Zealand to Sydney I am happy to be home and in my own bed.  A 21 day trip is a long one but oh what a trip.  I have enough images from this trip and others this year to keep me extremely busy working on images and making prints.  So, there are plenty of images for my daily blog.  Today’s image was shot in the Rees Valley of New Zealand where many of the Lord of The Rings movies were made.  Small waterfall with trees.  Shot with a Phase One 80 megapixel IQ180 on an ALPA Camera.

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One thought on “New Zealand Waterfall

  1. that is absolutely striking. great shot, great processing. love it.

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