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Mt. Cook and Coming Home

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Mt. Cook, Sunrise, New Zealand

Well as you may have noticed I have not been the dutiful in posting an image a day. One reason is that PODAS kept me me so busy there was no spare time. Also, internet connections have not been good. I have enough images to fill an album from this trip so once I am home the posting will continue in regularity. This image was taken at sunrise at Mount Cook, in New Zealand. Look more of Mt Cook, icebergs and beautiful landscapes. It has been a terrific trip,, I start home today leaving around 4PM for a flight to Sydney. Spend an overnight then travel for nearly 27 hours to get home. I start in Sydney fly to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Detroit and finally detroit to Indianapolis. That’s a lot of hours closed into a flying steel tube. I have an iPad filled with magazines, newspapers, and movies and shows. I’ll occupy myself and get through it. So starting next week the blog will be more regular, I’ll b home in my own bed and

is right around the corner. More later.

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One thought on “Mt. Cook and Coming Home

  1. Just got home myself Kevin although I didn’t have as far to go. Nice being home but already planning a trip back to NZ. What a place hey!

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