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We Haven’t Even Left The House Yet

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From The Other Balcony

Today has been a busy day of prepping for the upcoming workshop. We have arranged some amazing excursions to where tourists and other folks don’t often go. We have helicopters, ski planes, zodiacs and more arranged. This may be the most photo rich workshop we have ever had. The shot today was taken form the other balcony at the house we are staging from.  This is an amazing country. We watched the weather today turn from a warm sunny day to high winds and rain in less than half an hour and then back. There are the most amazing clouds you have ever seen. Just stunning. Stay tuned for more.

Author: Kevin Raber

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One thought on “We Haven’t Even Left The House Yet

  1. I cannot even imagine the grandeur you must feel there. So excited to watch the PODAS blog and follow your discoveries and journey there.

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