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Palouse Sunrise


Sunrise in Palouse

In August I lead a photography workshop PODAS to the Palouse area of Washington.  I have been posting a number of images from this trip as time allows.  This one is one of those real special ones.  It was shot on the first morning of the workshop and a weather from was coming in.  We were on a small bluff overlooking this quaint little valley and all the elements just lined up for what turned out to be an hour of incredible photography.  Ill post more from this one morning over the coming weeks.  Enjoy this one today.

Author: Kevin Raber

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2 thoughts on “Palouse Sunrise

  1. this…is a painting…so beautiful. one of your best for sure.

  2. This is truly a great one Kev. I hope Mema has seen it, she would love it.

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