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iPhone Images These Days

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Yellow Tractor

I am still recovering from my shoulder surgery.  My arm is in a sling and I have a few more weeks to go.  I am still uncomfortable much of the time but my physical therapist says I am doing good.  So, all this make it very frustrating being a photographer and not being able to lift a camera.  I’m going nuts.  So, I ventured out this past weekend with my friend and shooting buddy Debra and went for a drive.  I shot everything on an iPhone. Even that was difficult left handed but I was shooting none the less.  So today’s image was from on of our first stops.  There are  more images coming.  This is an old tractor parked in the front yard of some farmer.  It was one of those crisp colorful days and the tractor worked into it well.  I used the Hipstamatic camera to catch this shot.  Hope you enjoy it.

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One thought on “iPhone Images These Days

  1. very rich color. great subject. love the perspective.

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