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I’m Back More to Less


Big Bend NAtional Park, Texas

As you have noticed I have been absent for a few days.  I just had surgery to my knee and shoulder.  It has really town me for a loop to say the least.  The knee seems to be heeling well.  I am getting around slowly.  The shoulder is very sore and in a  sling which makes typing and such difficult.  It will be a lengthy recovery but hopefully I’ll use my shoulder again.  Pain pills and taking it easy with lots of ice packs seems to be working.  Today I am going back to work again and also doing a blog post which I hope to get on track again.  Today’s image was shot with a P45+ in Beg Bend National PArk and then I played with it a bit in SnapSeed on my iPad.  If you get a chance visit Big Bend.  It’s a huge National Park out of the way and not visited by many.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Back More to Less

  1. Kevin,
    Have some patience with your shoulder. It will take some -difficult- time.

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