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The Palouse

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The Palouse

Tucked away in the Southeast corner of Washington is an area known as the Palouse.  It is roughly a three country region of the most fertile soil in america.  It’s also a photographers paradise.  Gently rolling hills, big skies, farmland, plowed fields as far as the eye can see.  Throw in old barns, lonely trees and abandoned properties and you have a place that a photographer loves.  I am leading a PODAS Photography Workshop in the region for the next week.  There are 28 attendees and with staff and wives I am guiding 40 people.  I have a team of great instructors and staff.  I’ll try to post an new image from the thrip each day.  Here is an image then on a trip in the spring.  You can also follow this trip in more detail BY CLICKING HERE.

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One thought on “The Palouse

  1. beautiful…wide open…land and sky…vibrant and engaging…

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