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Old Lady In A Hurry


One things I enjoy doing is street photography.  Shooting people and scenes while walking around a town or an area.  This shot was made in Buenos Aires and is of an hunched over lady rushing up the street and on a mission.  She was moving very fast.  I liked the wall, color of her clothing and the packages she was carrying.

Author: Kevin Raber

Photographer and publisher of

2 thoughts on “Old Lady In A Hurry

  1. I love this photo…it tells a story, and is so interesting.

  2. Dear Kevin,
    Your images and website really show a passion for photography and I enjoy visiting your website. I like the image of the old lady in a hurry especially and was wondering if there is any way in downloading the image in a higher resolution so I can blow it up to poster size for my office?
    Kind regards
    Jasper Hulscher

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