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Debra On A Truck


Debra On The Truck - Gravel Pits, Indiana

A week or so ago Debra, my shooting partner and friend called and said let’s go shoot.  It was a warm day (and I don’t move fast on warm days) and I said slowly OK.  I knew I needed to go out and do some shooting.  It’s great therapy especially when you need to clear the mind.  It was also one of those evenings where it looked like a storm could blow in any minute.  So, we headed off and we had no place in particular in mind to go.  Then I remembered a place my son and I stumbled upon a few years ago and using my iPad with satellite view I located the gravel pit and we headed there.  The gates were open so we went in and we spent nearly two hours there shooting Debra went her way and I went mine.  At one point when I was coming back from the dredging area Debra was  standing on this old dump truck.  So, I said pose and as Debra always does she struck a few unusual poses.  I love this one as it just works on so many levels.  I shot it with my iPhone, even though I had my big boy camera with me.  I wanted to use the ProHDR app to capture the details in the sky and not lose detail in Debra.  Damn, it worked great.  I then took the image into my iPad and played even more adding border, grain, more dramatic light effects etc.. Man, this si so much fun. So, here it is.  I think it is one cool, bad ass shot!

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2 thoughts on “Debra On A Truck

  1. got that right Kevin…best

  2. you really do have a gift for composition. thank you for this shot. wonderful.

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