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Columns & Doors

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Columns and doors - Sunshine Junque, Michigan

For years I have been enjoying time in a little lake town in Michigan, Saugutuck.  It’s an artsy town sitting on the lake and is just full of charm.  Slightly south of Saugutuck is a place called Sunrise Junque.  I have been visiting this unique and one of a kind antique – junk store for years and will start to work on a book soon about this place.  It is the definition of ecliptic.  There are so many unusual and sometimes creepy things all displayed in odd ways at this place.  The place is run by a very nice couple who have been doing this for years.  Kind of left over hippies but really cool.  I have bought a bunch of neat things here, but more than anything else I love shooting here.  You’ll see lots of images from this great place in the future as I have a ton of shots and will be going through everything prepping for the book.  Today it is columns and doors.  Of course as usual I messed around the shot to make it even more fun.

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One thought on “Columns & Doors

  1. love this. love the colors and composition. very nice.

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