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Messed Up Train

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Messed Up Train Car

Time to change from B&W images to some wow color.  Today’s image was made on some abandoned trains not to far from where I live.   I have been shooting these for several years now.  They are parked on a siding off the road and pretty well hidden and they deteriorate further on every trip I make there.  Actually pretty creepy.  You are missing the smell that goes along with these images.  To shoot this properly I had to shoot three exposures and HDR them together.  Then I took them into iPad and used Snapseeed and PhotoForge to make the final image.  Kind of surreal, which it is.

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One thought on “Messed Up Train

  1. We’ve got trains in the UK that are still carrying passengers that look like this. Looks like a fantastic subject – if I get the chance to visit you in the US you’ll have to take me to see them so I can Gossle the s**t out of them!

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