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Iceland Iceberg Beach

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Icebergs On The Beach - Iceland

In honor of some of my friends who are now touring in Iceland I present one of my Iceland shots – icebergs on the beach.  This beach is truly an amazing place.  Icebergs wash out to sea from  Jokulsarlon Lagoon and then when the tide switches around they wash up on the beach where the crashing waves begin to erode them to these beautiful diamond like Icebergs.  The beach is littered with them for a very long distance.  Quite the site to see and photograph.  It’s different every day.  So to Harry, Teri, Einir and others – have a great time there.

Author: Kevin Raber

Photographer and publisher of

One thought on “Iceland Iceberg Beach

  1. Always love these black and white beauty! So amazing the small piece of ice looks vivid and delicate like this and the whold world looks rough…stiff… I think from this photo, you are more like a philosopher!

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