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Self Portrait In Chicago

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Self Portrait At The Bean

I have been to Chicago many times and have enjoyed it tremendously for all the photo opportunities it offers.  Never though have I come back with so many real keepers of Chicago.  The last several days as I have been leading a PODAS Architectural workshop in Chicago has been fantastic.  First, the people participating in the workshop were exceptional.  The instructors were great and the weather was just right.  It was pretty magical.  You will see a lot of photos over the coming days from this trip.  Today’s image was a self portrait made inside the Bean.  Kind of sur-real but pretty cool too. You can see more of the fun we had at this workshop at the PODAS BLOG – Click Here.

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One thought on “Self Portrait In Chicago

  1. One day maybe I will be able to participate in one of your workshops Kevin. I love your photography!! The bean is always a subject of my high school photography students when I take them there on field trips. Looks like you got some really unusual but interesting distortions.

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