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Big Iceberg


Big Iceberg and Bird, Antarctica

It has been a hot week in China and thought that today I would cool things off a bit.  One thing that I marvel at is icebergs.  There are all sorts of different bergs out there.  This one is a tabular berg and could measure three quarters of a mile wide and deep.  There are some that are much bigger.  This one was caught with the bird that adds foreground and makes the shot work.

Author: Kevin Raber

Photographer and publisher of

2 thoughts on “Big Iceberg

  1. very nice…..great elements. love how dark blue the sea is and the black of the bird and white of the berg. nice line of clouds across the top too. very graphic…might even be fun in a high contrast black and white.

  2. Such an amazing place it is and great photography you have made! Plus really nice to see iceberg in this blazing hot summer time!

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