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Made It To China

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Boat Bow - Ushuia, Argentina

Internet seems kind of spotty so who knows what I will be able to post.  Arrived in China after very long plane rife.  Met up some fellow Phase One team members and then crashed.  So here I am in a  nice hotel overlooking a very Rainy Beijing.  It will be a packed day today with lots of meetings, interviews and presentations as I promote PODAS workshops to the China market.  Should be fun.  I’ll report back as often as I can.

Today’s image was made in Ushuia a stopping off point to th Antarctica.  Saw this boat on the beach and shot in real tight on the bow.

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One thought on “Made It To China

  1. What a great shot…love the color and texture…like that you can’t tell what it is and it makes you curious…

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