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Boys, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am packed and ready tho fly and a long flight I have ahead of me.  I’ll be in China for the next 10 days promoting Phase One’s PODAS workshops.  I have a full schedule and will visit a number of areas in China.  As internet connections permit I’ll blog images taken on the trip.  I love travel but not the flights.  This trip is a series on three flights the last one nearly 17 hours long.  I have loaded my ipad with books and movies so hopefully when not sleeping I can stay occupied.

Today’s image was taken in Buenos Aires and has been a favorite of mine for years.  You can read a lot into it.

Author: Kevin Raber

Photographer and publisher of

One thought on “Boys

  1. Wonderful shot Kevin. I love all the hands. And the blue
    Color of his shirt repeated in the blue on the wall…

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