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Stand Pipes

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Standpipes, Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, IN

A photographer I very much admire is Jay Maisel.  He is a typical tough New Yorker who has been shooting images forever and does so everyday.  You never and I mean never see Jay without a camera on his shoulder.  He finds a shot on the streets, in stores and anywhere he goes.  He never has the excuse I can come back and shoot it later or I’ll get next or I wish I had a camera.  His work is amazing and his philosophy towards photography inspiring.  So, why the rambling?  Because this is a classic case of seeing something and grabbing it.  These are just plain standpipes in Broad ripple are of Indy.  I saw the color, contrast and sun and had to shoot it and I let my shadow become part of the shot too.  I like the design of the shot.  Messed around with it a bit on the iPad and here is my image.  Enjoy.

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