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Old Trucks

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Old Truck Near Skamania, WA

Seems on my last few trips I have been finding a lot of old trucks wherever I go.  I love old stuff, rust and decay.  Can’t get enough of it.  During my sons wedding weekend we went out exploring and came upon a place with a lot of old rusty trucks and things.  So, naturally I had to take some photos.  Because of the light – heavy overcast, light drizzle I did HDR 2 under, over and normal exposures on my Canon 5dII.  This image is the first of a few taken at just this one stop.  Look for more in the coming days.

Also, in a week I will be in Ireland leading a PODAS workshop with 15 photographers.  I’ll be posting from there so stay tuned.  You can also follow the trip at the PODAS BLOG.

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One thought on “Old Trucks

  1. I love this one…how the clouds and grass frame it….wonderful shot..

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