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Magical Antarctica

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Icebergs On The Horizon, Antarctica

I have had so many great experiences on my three trips to Antarctica.  Each trip has been life changing.  It’s not hard to point a camera in any direction and get a great shot.  It becomes overwhelming at some points.  But I’ll take overwhelming and I’ll take 24 hour days.  Because in the end you end up with images like this.  Today’s image was shot with a Canon 1DS Mark II with a long lens at one of those 3 hour sunset – sunrises that happens in Antarctica.  I have been working on a ton of images from Antarctica and a dozen other places.  With all my travels I have a large backlog but you can count on and endless number of images to be viewed on this blog.


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One thought on “Magical Antarctica

  1. really outstanding. love the pale yellow color at the top and the stark light blue of the ice in the front. nature’s composition and your eye to see it make this shot one of my favorites. i would love to see this printed really large….

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