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The Last Palouse For A Week

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Truck In A Barn - Palouse, WA

Well it’s another day and another plane ride.  Today it’s New York for a few days. Need to spend some time in the office working on pushing the PODAS workshops along and making sure we are set to go for a busy rest of the year.  We have a PODAS workshop every month for the rest of the year.  Also, I have a trip to China coming up in the next month to promote a workshop there.  Life at Phase One is always busy.

Today’s image is another take on the barn with the truck I posted the other day.  This time from the front with some effects thrown onto it for artistic sake.  Shot on a P65 and then converted using an iPhone app.  It’s just fun.  The details in the original Phase One file are amazing.  Definitely be working on some big prints when time allows.  Think I’ll post some Neon Graveyard images the next few days.

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One thought on “The Last Palouse For A Week

  1. really spectacular. i love this. the color and subject matter are fantastic. great processing and framing.

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