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Stairs To Where

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Stairs To where, South of Endicott, WA

I am home from the Palouse even if it is only one day.  enough time to unpack and re-pack as I head to New York this week.  The trip to the Palouse was very succesful.  I did a lot to prep for the workshop I am leading there this August.  A lot goes into running a  workshop with 30 some odd people.  Hotels, meeting rooms, vans, routes, box lunches, restaurants, timing and so on.  I believe we are set though and this workshop will be fantastic one.

During my trip I drove a lot of back roads because that is all there is out there and came across many an interesting site.  One of these sites was an old Texaco station stuck in the middle of no where.  The old barn with yesterdays image and a lot of abandoned cars and homes.  I’ll post these over the next few weeks.   Tomorrow I’ll post the truck image from yesterday shown at a different angle and manipulated a bit.  I had some time to play with the image while at the airport yesterday.

Todays shot is the front of one of the abandoned houses I found.  Can you tell me a good reason some one would build stairs that go up to the wall of the house?  A lot of what I saw was very surreal.

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One thought on “Stairs To Where

  1. really like the fee of this one. and you’re right…that second set of stairs leading to no door but only the outside wall of the house is super weird. nice find.

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