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Discovery In The Palouse


Old Barn in the Palouse

I am heading home today after spending two days in the Palouse area of Washington state. I spent a lot of time driving back road finding places for the group to shoot that is part of the workshop here in August. In my drive I discovered barn that literally folded in on itself. This made for a good image with the cloudy sky and such. Next to the barn was a small out building. There were no locks on the door and I entered and discovered an amazing sight. Here in this barn that literally hasn’t been touched for maybe 60 years, was an old truck and a ton of other things. There was a shelf of Popular Mechanics magazines dated 1947. What a cool place. I am not big on trespassing and if I can I always seek permission to shoot on someone elses property. There were no signs or even a hint to who owns this place. So, I set up and spent some time shooting being careful not to disturb anything. This is one of those shots. Made with a P65+ with 30 second exposures. I made a number of exposures and combined them then converted to B&W. I may post a color image soon as well as one or two more from this great little place that I discovered.

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3 thoughts on “Discovery In The Palouse

  1. Great shot Kevin, I expanded it and it took about five minutes to observe all that was there to see… Nostalgic and a very nice image.

  2. great in black and white. nice angle. i could look at this again and again and discover new things. fantastic clarity. love the sun flares…

  3. I went twice to palouse country,but never entered in one of these barns.You did the right thing and the right shot.
    Doing a slide show about palouse for a private club,I would like to include that shot with your name of course.’
    If you agree please answer at my mail box

    Claude Brun

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