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Surreal Endicot

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Endicott, WA - Whitman Bank

Busy day on Thursday scouting out shooting locations, booking restaurants, timing things etc.. So, I spent a lot of time driving looking for shots for the workshop in the Palouse this August. The back roads here in the Palouse are incredible. They meander through beautiful rolling hills and I am tempted to stop the car at every curve. There are abandoned houses and farms and sometimes kind of apocalyptic. One of the towns I drove through was Endicott and it was very strange. The town looks like a set from the Twilight Zone. Old buildings, even an old phone booth that hasn’t been used for years. Pictures of these will be posted in the near future. The shot above was from one of the businesses in the downtown area, if you could call it that. This shot grabbed me and works great with the cross walk and old building. I am not even sure if the bank is still operational but the bent blinds in the window and starkness of it all got my attention and I hope yours.

This image was shot with the iPhone, kind of my Polaroid these days.  I played around with the image in some of my apps but came back to the original each time. It just works.

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One thought on “Surreal Endicot

  1. I absolutely love this shot….I love the way you see…..just wonderful…

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